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United Arts &Theatre

 BrIngs great storIes to MedIa and the Theatre for audIences of all ages.  

Welcome to Unıted Arts &Theatre

Welcome to Unıted Arts &Theatre

Welcome to Unıted Arts &TheatreWelcome to Unıted Arts &TheatreWelcome to Unıted Arts &Theatre


The company based in London, United Kingdom

United Arts; founded by Ipek Kadilar who has produced, staged and executed 49 productions, including 27 stage plays, 6 musicals, 5 cabarets, 7 concept concerts end 4 TV series. Ipek is working as a Play, Script, Storywriter, Theatre Producer and International Creative Executive since 1994. Throughout her productive and creative years in the Entertainment Business, as a Communication Specialist. She has given and still continues to give training and consultancy services to many companies and artists.

Provides content consultancy services

United Arts & Theatre provides content consultancy services worldwide and has become internationally recognized as demonstrated by the acquisition of five South Korean series remakes which resulted in a total of over 160 episodes being commissioned by TV stations in Turkey such as FOX, Channel D end Star TV and have sold as a finished program all around the world. Our company works as an intermediary between content owners and producers to negotiate deals and secure contracts and also provide remake ideas, stories with a focus on great stories suitable for diverse cultures. 

Brings great stories to Media and the Theatre for audiences of all ages

At United Arts, we believe that stories change the world. There are more stories to be told in many ways. We aim to discover those stories and make them available around the world by bringing together strategic partners and ensuring the sustainability and success of their relationships through win-win negotiations.

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